Navigating COVID-19 relief resources can be confusing. We've organized this list of available aid in Tulsa by topic, so that you can get the help you need as soon as possible.

Food & Meals

Where can I get food for my kids?
I’m running low on food and need help. Where can I go?


I can’t pay my mortgage. What do I do?
I can't pay my rent. What do I do?


I lost my job. What do I do now?

Testing & Treatment

I think that I or somebody I know may have been exposed to coronavirus. What do I do?

Healthcare Coverage

I need health insurance. What can I do?

Mental Health Services

I need to talk to somebody. Who can help me?

Abuse Prevention Services

I need help with abuse prevention services.
I'm in a crisis and need help now. What can I do?


I can't pay my utility bills. What do I do?

Educational Resources

How do I continue educating my kids from home?

Public Assistance

I need help with filing taxes. Where can I get help?
I need help with food, unemployment or health coverage. How do I sign up for public benefits?

Immigrant Relief & Assistance

News & Information

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