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During this time where abolition and defund the police are concepts on the hearts and minds of many, abolition scholar and student Jaden Janak presents the case for abolition as a leading strategy to secure the safety and wellness of all. How do we maintain accountability and public safety under abolition? Jaden will address common questions like “What about murders?” and “What about perpetrators of sexual violence?”

Whether you’re already fully on board, and want to be a more effective advocate for abolition, or you’re feeling like the abolition of police and prisons is a concept beyond your comfort zone... this is an opportunity to learn the history, core concepts, and necessary steps to take this vital movement forward!

July 2nd at 7:00 p.m. Live stream and Q&A at okno.one and twitch.tv/okno1streamJaden Janak is an abolitionist from Tulsa, OK, currently pursuing a PhD in Black Studies at UT Austin. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @abolition_boi and stay tuned for their Abolition Study Group meeting Wednesday’s in July.

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