Weekend Root Tulsa Premiere: Hamlet by William Shakespeare

The Orbit Initiative

Event Details

This performance of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” was directed by Tabitha Littlefield in conjunction with the Orbit Initiative. Performed and recorded on the Zoom video conferencing platform, actors connected online to recite lines from their homes. The classic story has been reimagined for the confining nature of video calls, as a safe way to bring art to the people. To hear more about this performance and Tabitha Littlefield’s other work, check out Root Tulsa’s At A Distance interview with Tabitha. The Orbit Initiative is a program of the Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust, a nonprofit organization in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that aims to inspire audiences, participants, and educators by creating ambitious works of participatory theater that engages all of Tulsa in the arts, specifically those that have been excluded from representation and services. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, Orbit offered free “satellite” workshops and classes which led to the creation of theatre of, by, and for the people of Tulsa.For more information about The Orbit Initiative, visit: https://www.tulsapac.com/p/community-engagement/orbit

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