Cherokee Artwork: Karen Berry

Gilcrease Museum

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Join Friday, August 7 at noon for a live discussion with Cherokee artist Karen Berry. Learn about Berry's career and work, including her fingerweaving and gourd carving. About Karen Berry:Berry grew up in Texas and currently resides in Garland, TX. She learned about Cherokee culture and art through her mother, Martha Berry, who revived the tradition of Cherokee Beadwork. She fell in love with gourd art through her history of wood working and painting. This medium was a natural progression, combining these talents. She incorporates pre-European contact and modern Cherokee designs into her work. She began fingerweaving in 2012 in the style typically done by Southeastern Woodland tribes during the 18th century. She, along with other weavers, has helped lead a revival of this traditional style within the Cherokee Nation. Additionally she has revived the practice of creating bandolier bags using this technique.Image: "Warriors Return." Gourd carving incorporating pre-European contact Mississippian woodpecker motif. Photo courtesy of Karen Berry.

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